“I am eighty-six and still playing regular golf and tennis thanks to Dave who has been my weekly trainer for the last few years. He is not only a first class fitness trainer but also a trained masseur. I cannot speak too highly of his fitness techniques. I have also introduced others to him who are all of the same opinion. ”

John Mathew Q.C.


“Dave really is a true credit to his profession and is everything you'd expect in a life coach and much more. I have made huge positive steps forward in life since working with him and his ability to get to the root of any stumbling blocks or issues in life and help you overcome them is second to none. Dave clearly has a huge passion for his work and for helping others which really comes across and I always walk away from a session feeling highly motivated and positive! ”


David is a true professional and it has been a real pleasure training with him. His holistic approach means he really gets to know you, your goals, your dislikes and created for me, a really enjoyable training program that I look forward to and fit into my hectic lifestyle! His knowledge extends beyond personal training and he was able to advise and educate me on nutrition and his sports massage made a world of a difference to an old injury. The results have been fantastic and when you are having fun, it doesn't feel like hard work! I highly recommend David to anyone who wants to make their goals a reality!

Emily Fisher


I went to see Dave because I felt like I was stuck in a rut and couldn't see how to get out. Dave's phenomenal positive energy and wealth of experience and research helped me change my approach to life. The session left me feeling like I had the ability and the will power to get on with what I have to do. My bad habits are being replaced by healthier ones making me happier, more motivated and more focused. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a way to move forward or to turn things around for the better to see this man.



'I met Dave earlier on this year and from the moment I met him I knew he was a great guy with a really good aura. After having a consultation with Dave I came in for a session. I could not recommend him more highly. I have come out with a clear mind and with some fantastic targets from the sessions I have done. Dave has made me look into myself and discover new sides to myself that I did not even know..

Really great guy, and so easy to talk to'.



'Dave is a humble and honest man who is quite direct in his approach but he has the ability to find the truth in what we are talking about. I feel if I had him coach me earlier I would be leaps and bounds ahead in my life right now. This man has continued to be a point of influence and inspiration always'.



'David has an unwavering commitment and passion to uncover blocks that prevent people from living the life they want. His infectious enthusiasm and innate ability to put you at ease, enables him to understand and tailor his coaching and get the best results for you as an individual.

Through David’s life coaching tools and techniques, I’ve discovered some behaviour patterns that have blocked me from achieving my goals and through this process have had a personal breakthrough in discovering my purposes which is something I have struggled to identify for so long.

I would highly recommend Borne Coaching for anyone who is not only struggling to make the switch or achieve success in one area of their lives, but to take it a step further and be open to the infinite potential in all areas of their life'.